Voice / Piano / Theory Instruction

Me with my little sister, my first student 🙂

Alex Taite earned his degree in music theory and composition from Pepperdine University with an emphasis in classical vocal performance and a minor in jazz piano.  Based in Oakland CA, and available worldwide on Skype, Alex has a keen interest in opening this wealth of knowledge to other passionate musicians.

Voice Lessons

“Singing is a huge part of my life.  I am eager to share my experiences with you.  While I do have extensive training and expertise as a classical opera singer, I do not intend to make every student an opera singer.  I use the techniques found in opera to help nurture a student into producing the healthiest and  most beautiful sound possible in whatever style of music they most enjoy.  The breathing techniques and vowel placements learned in classical singing can add strength to your tone, breadth to your phrases, and length to your range.  We will work on removing bad habits and installing the tools and information you need to be able to sing for decades without injury, all while highlighting the beauty of your instrument.”

Piano Lessons

Alex Taite has played piano since he was 7 years old.  He started with classical piano and then began incorporating jazz in high school.  He has performed with many bands playing jazz, blues, R&B, pop, and musical theater.  Alex’s classical piano background allows him to encourage students to play with healthy technique.  A classical approach to learning piano creates strength, flexibility, and speed on the keys in every genre.  This allows exploration of all styles of music with confidence and ease.  Beginning students can start as early as 4-6 years old.  With regular, daily practice and encouragement in the home, a piano student’s progress will flourish.

Music Theory Lessons

Alex has taught music theory classes since 2009 and has developed music theory curricula. From these, Alex has developed his own methodology to empower you to master music theory fundamentals and advanced theoretical concepts.

Alex’s main focus at Pepperdine was music theory and composition. Music is one of the most subjective and elusive art forms, and Alex has always been enamored of its practical, tangible elements.  Music theory is the grammar of music: a working knowledge of music theory is a powerful tool for every level of musician. Alex will lead you through the fundamentals to learn how to create music guided by the heart, and tempered by science.  Whether you’re making beats or writing for full orchestra, a deeper grasp of music theory is essential for anyone.